Founder | Property Investment Advisor

Linas Butkus (MRICS) 

10+ years of sufficient knowledge and international experience in commercial real estate area combined with a strong sense of work ethics were the underpinning for a boutique style company – Realtum Advisors. During 2016-2018, investment transactions of more than 46 mEUR has been closed.

Professional experience and know-how accrued in local and international organisations has helped me to perceive RE market trends, to identify specific needs of clients, to tailor-make customer experience journey and to share best practices in investment transactions. My previous involvements as a lease consultant, a salesman, and a personal investment advisor gave a chance to see RE market from various perspectives.


Professionalism and high quality services are crucial in the investment RE industry, which motivated me to become a member of RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) in 2017.  My clients can fully trust me and services I provide as my accredited degree is approved and recognised internationally.

Responsibility, professionalism and passion are the words that define my work attitude.


Upės str. 23, Vilnius

08107 Lithuania

Green Hall 2 BC

+370 690 01100